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Learn Archery – 7 Ways to Become a Great Archer

Learn Archery – 1st Trait of A Great Archer Learn Archery – 7 Ways to Become a Great Archer

The first common trait in your quest to learn archery and become a great archer is that you should be ready for anything. That includes something as basic and simple as the weather. Spending the day outdoors might just merit bringing along an extra set of clothes. Your focus can be thrown off by things you don’t expect.

It is important to prepare for anything out of the ordinary so that you can have the highest level of focus possible. Self-awareness must be high enough where you can take note of any mental mistakes and technical errors. Positive thinking and focus is very important. It is important to have a stream of consciousness focused right where you want it to be.

Let your mind guide you in your visualization. Enjoying yourself and the competition is very important to your improvement. Getting started in archery the right way becomes easy when you relax, focus and enjoy yourself.

2nd Trait

The second practice that beginning archers should use is to be able to forget any mistakes from the past, if any. This may sound counter intuitive, but every champion in every kind of sport, including something that requires a lot of mental involvement such as archery, has the ability to forget the wrong things that they have done. In the simplest terms, know how to “shake it off”.

While they do learn from the mistakes that they have made, they don’t dwell on them. Visualization is important when it comes to making good shots. SEE it happening beforehand and they will happen. One of the things you can visualize is hitting the “bulls-eye”, whether an actual target bulls-eye or the head of a 3d target. When it does happen, celebrate it. It’s ok to feel proud and happy when you hit your mark.

3rd Trait of A Great Archer

The third trait of a great archer is that they shoot their average. Consistency is very important for an archer. You don’t want to try too hard to improve though. Also, it would not be a good idea to look for strange and irrelevant styles and techniques. Be yourself and don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you do your arrows will end up everywhere but where you want them to go no matter the type of archery you pursue.

Keep yourself calm when you have a winning streak too. Also, you don’t want to pressure yourself whenever you start falling off track. The best thing to do is to keep using your own way of shooting. Sometimes it can be a lot easier said than done but remaining calm and focused, staying true to yourself will bring the greatest rewards.

Learn Archery – 4th Trait

The fourth tip for a beginning archer is to think about yourself and your talents in a positive light. Allow your deeper mind, your subconscious to help lead you in your actions. Keep thinking positively about making good shots and visualize the good shots. It is important to keep yourself focused. Your mind will wander. When that happens, gently bring it back to your moment. Keep your mind on what you are doing.

5th Trait of A Great Archer

The fifth trait to develop as an archer is to love the pressure. It is normal to experience a little bit of stress and pressure in a competition. Your awareness is heightened and you will react a bit quicker as opposed to when you are totally stress-free. You are not looking for failure, so don’t expect it and, for the most part, you won’t have it.

6th Trait

Number six of the seven traits is to program your mind so that you will not be distracted by outside thoughts and ideas.

Learn Archery – 7th Trait of A Great Archer

The seventh and probably most important trait is discipline. Diligence and consistency is the key to becoming a great archer. Mental discipline is very important so that you learn to keep your mind completely on your shots. Your new adventure as a beginning archer will become a rewarding experience if that trait is developed.

You have probably figured out by now that some of the seven traits are similar to one another. But you can really boil it down to focus, consistency and persistence. Developing these characteristics will not only make you a successful archer but you’ll be a hit in anything you choose to do.

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