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Taking A Closer Look At Popular Types Of Bows

Bows and arrows have been used for thousands of years and by many cultures. Bows have been used since ancient times. The types of bows available today are made with greater, longer lasting materials, but some are still being fashioned out of the woods used years ago as well.

Due to the kind of accuracy experienced archers can obtain with a good bow, bows remain today as one of the most popular weapons out there.

Recurve Bows Are Great For Beginners

Popular Types Of Bows

One of the most challenging aspects of using some bows is being able to pull back the string. If you have never tried to shoot a bow, you should know that doing so takes a fair amount of upper arm strength for doing so.

Recurve bows have curled ends that face back towards the archer, providing better bow strength and allowing less power to pull the string far enough to make a difference.

Recurve bows are lightweight and easy to maneuver because they do not have a lot of accessories on them. Ho

wever, in some cases, the need for some additional accessories may be necessary for making a challenging shot.

Most types of bows used by more experienced archers have accessories like sights and clickers for helping to improve accuracy.

Long Bows Offer A Historical Appeal 

Long bows have been around since the early 1200s, used extensively on the battlefield when a sword was not being used. In fact, some armies had specialized groups of archers, each one equipped with a long bow.

Long bows are constructed with one long piece of curved wood and do not have the curved ends of a recurve bow. Pulling back a long bow is also not as challenging as some other bows, but is harder to pull back than a recurve bow.

The advantage of a long bow is it is lightweight and is easily used by tall people that might have accuracy issues with a shorter bow. However, accuracy does suffer with a long bow and does not provide the best arrow velocity either.

Crossbows Are Ancient Weapons With Modern Accessories 

The crossbow of today is designed in the same way as those used during medieval times. While ancient crossbows used bolts most of the time, today’s crossbows are designed to use arrows and modern sights.

That makes them much better for hunting. One great advantage of using a crossbow is the arrow is locked into place and released by a trigger.

Doing that allows the archer to have more freedom of movement during hunting. Crossbows are aimed in the same way as a gun, allowing some archers better shots.

Compound Bows For Experienced Hunters And Enthusiasts

Compound bows are designed with their string on pulleys at either end of the bow. Compound types of bows are complex and require more than the skill of a beginner to use effectively.

One great benefit of the compound bow is it is not made of wood or other natural materials. Therefore, it’s accuracy and velocity is not affected by extreme temperature changes.

If you are trying to make a choice between the many types of bows available to you, learning more about each one can help. This is especially true if you are new to archery and have no idea which bow would be best for you to use to start learning.

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